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House of Aeros

Antiquity Reed Diffuser

Antiquity Reed Diffuser

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An ancient inspired ceramic diffuser with 200mls of fragrance oil.

Antiquity -

Meaning the ancient past and the period of classical civilization.


  • A black ceramic vessel with 150mls capacity.

  • A single thick reed

  • 200mls of fragrance oil


Pour half of your fragrance oil into your ceramic vessel. Do not pour all the fragrance oil at once, as the vessel will overflow. Wait half an hour before adding more oil to your desired scent strength. Keep the remaining fragrance oil as a refill . Place the reed provided in the ceramic jar to absorb the fragrance oil. To refresh your scent, turn over your reed. For best results keep the diffuser out of heat, drafts and sunlight as it can speed up the diffusing process.

Caution -

Place diffuser on a dish to protect surfaces in case of spillage. If spilt, clear the liquid immediately. Keep away from naked flames and high heat as this product is flammable. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Not for consumption.

- House of Aeros

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